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How to write a business plan?

Writing a business plan is what a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners dread. However if you are going to do it, you may as well do it right!

In 12 minutes learn what are the most important parts of the business plan and how to put it all together so that it is compelling to the reader.
If you are going to write a business plan, it may as well help you and your business do incredible things!

The main parts of the business plan are:
1. Business Overview: Outline of the business concept and model.
2. Market Research and Competitive Analysis: All of the outside information that supports why this business idea will fly.
3. Sales Forecast: How much money do you think this could make with some justification.
4. Management Team: Who are you and who is helping you get this going?
5. Marketing Plan: How will people find out about you and all of the other issues surrounding this.
6. Operational Plan: How will things work?
7. Action Plan: How will you start this up and keep the momentum going?
8. Financial Projections: What are your projected revenues, costs and profit?

Finally this gets bundled into an Executive Summary. This last thing you write!

If you need more help with writing your business plan, check out

Social Enterprise Effective Story Sharing

Telling your story in an effective way is key to a non-profit and social enterprise as it does a few things:
– it helps you recruit new volunteers or employees
– it helps with finding new donors or even investors
– it motivates the people that are already part of your initiative

This video is from Joint Development that helps non-profits and social enterprises ramp up their organizations with branding, marketing, and the online presence. The combination of these and understanding how they interact is critical.

What will you learn?
– how to prepare your organization to tell your story
– how to plan out your story to make sure it is impactful
– how to tell this story online and have greater awareness about your story
– how to use visuals to make the story go further

Social Enterprise Search Engine Optimization

Social enterprises and non-profits need to be worried about their search engine optimization as much as any organization!

Allan Pollett discusses how non-profits and faith organizations can optimize their websites for search engines.

Learn the following:
– what is search engine optimization or SEO? And why is SEO important for social enterprises?
– learn what beginners can do to help with their search engine optimization for social enterprise. Even if you aren’t great at technology you can still do things to boost your rankings!
– understanding how social media impacts SEO and your social enterprise’s ranking. Learn how to be strategic about tying these two pieces of your organization together and why that is important.
– learn what keywords you should be using and how you should be using them with your social enterprise’s online presence
– find out about some of the latest changes that have happened for search engines and how this might impact your social enterprise’s ranking
– figure out how to best the best use of your pictures and videos to boost your social enterprise’s ranking even more

Plus learn about some secrets that the SEO gurus have out there.

How To Come Up With A Great Idea?

Great ideas are what help your small business launch & stay ahead of the competition! But sometimes we feel stumped and don’t know where to start in brainstorming, even though we know that something needs to change or be added.

This 15 minute webinar goes through:
– what classified as an idea?
– where do ideas come from typically?
– what types of ideas are there?
– how to figure out what idea is a good one?

By watching this webinar you should be thinking about how each concept applies for your business or organization.

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How To Come Up With A Great Idea PowerPoint Slides

Scaling Your Small Business

Starting up a business is tough. But taking a business from a one person show, to 2 people, 5 people, 20 people, and more is just as hard.

Just like your start up needed a plan, you need a strategic plan for your growth.

This walks through a process that you could use to figure out what your process is today, what is your core competencies, what is a bottleneck, and then where to hire, outsource or leverage technology to help your business grow.

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The Small Business Team

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) – What You Need To Know

Having a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a smart move for any small business owner. You might need to have confidential information for many different relationships including:

– Your employees
– Your business partners or investors
– Your banker
– Your customers or suppliers
– Anyone else that you share confidential information with that you don’t want to become public information

To get access to the website to get your NDA started, click here:

Thanks to Rajah Lehal at Cobalt Lawyers ( and ClauseHound ( The information provided may not be relevant to your jurisdiction, and this video is not a substitute for obtaining legal counsel, nor does it create a lawyer-client relationship with you, the viewer.

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How to Build Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are critical to any small business’ success. Regardless of whether you are a small business or a small non profit, building relationships is critical.

Find out the basics of if you need to build a partnership, how to figure out who is the best to partner with, when you are ready to form the partnership, and how to maintain a healthy partnership.

Walking through these stages and ensuring that you keep focused on the last part – maintaining the healthy partnership.

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Succession Planning for Small Business

Succession planning is all about planning your exit strategy and maximizing the value that the small business owner receives for their effort (which often amounts to years and decades of work).

It also protects the small business owner, family, and the business from any risk.

Learn the process and your options in 20 minutes!

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Mike Hook

SEO 2015 and Beyond

Search Engine Optimization keeps changing! Small business owners need to keep on top of this to make sure that their small business is found online.

There are some significant changes that happened in early 2015 that you should take note of right now!

Watch this less than 20 minute video to learn everything that you need to know now.

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Writing a Small Business Contract

Small business owners need to know how to protect themselves. A contract is not designed for when the two parties agree, but for any potential time when they don’t agree. That is the key!

In this 25 minute video we focus on sales and vendor contracts, but contract best practices in general. What are some of the clauses and what should be paid attention to? The specific clauses that we walk through are;

1. Parties of a contract
2. Description of the product or scope of services
3. Fees and charges
4. Tax responsibility
5. Rejection or acceptance of the product
6. Warranty period and exclusions
7. Payment terms, due date, interest rates
8. Customer promises
9. Vendor promises
10. Limitation of liability
11. Indemnities
12. Dispute resolution mechanism

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If you have more questions and need more specifics, please contact Rajah Lehal directly!