Work smarter, not just harder. Doing the actions that make the most sense in the right order is important. You don’t want to be prioritizing things that aren’t needed now, as you are already working really long hours to get this off the ground. Our small business strategy training will make sure that you face the business decisions in a logical order and that you are learning what you need to know based on the stage of business that you are in. See all of  the small business strategy training modules.

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Stage 1: Thinking

You have invested little time and no money in your business. It is just a vague idea. You need to think through some more of the pieces of the puzzle and figure out if you should invest more time, energy and money into this business.

Stage 2: Planning

You have begun to seriously consider moving forward and may have already taken a few steps, but there is still much to think about. You need to start planning how this will actually work and get into more of the planning details.

Stage 3: Starting

You have established your own business and all of your friends and family know about it. You are 100% committed to the idea and are jumping in with two feet. This training gets the basics of good business under you.

Stage 4: Growing

You are past the start-up stage, but you really want to ramp up your business. You have a vision of a family empire and you have the confidence to make it happen. This training helps with tweaking what is already working and ramping it up.

Stage 5: Evaluating

There seems to be something missing with the business, but you just can’t put your finger on things. It is time to re-evaluate whether the business is meeting your expectations. The previous training is supportive, but there are some specific things to consider.

Stage 6: Closing

It just might be time to change direction. You need to know whether this is the end of the business or just an opportunity to tweak it.


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