Small business marketing doesn’t have to be confusing.


The rule of thumb should be if it doesn’t make sense, you probably shouldn’t do it. Marketing can follow this guideline, but you need to understand marketing strategy to know what tools will make sense.
The marketing training will walk you through Marketing 101 but with a small business lens. You will have a marketing plan and know all of the critical details of how to implement and continue to adapt. Get started here!

Revenue Goals

Figure out what you are aiming for in your first year. Know the minimum amount that you need to make and create sales forecasts that will keep you motivated. Start here.

Target Marketing

Target marketing is the key to success. Learn who your target customer should be and know as much as humanly possible about them. That will make it easier to market to them! Start here.

Strategic Alignment

Get your marketing strategy in line with your business strategy and the rest is all downhill. Start here.

Product, Place, and Price

You need to cross the gap between strategy and your tactics. Take everything you’ve done so far and figure out your price, your full offering and your business model. Start here.

Marketing Tools

People do business with people they know, trust and like. The first step is getting them to know about you, but you should have a plan to build rapport after the initial contact. Start here.

More Marketing Tools!

That’s right, there are more!! Start here.

The Plan!

You have all of the pieces of the puzzle. Time to put them all together and take off! Start here.