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At Small Business Solver, our mission is to save you as a business owner time and money –two of your most precious resources— thereby increasing your business’s chance at success.


Entrepreneurs are the driving force of innovation in the business landscape and a community’s economy. Helping small businesses succeed will help everyone in the long run.


Most businesses face the same challenges and decisions as they start and grow. There are business models that can help these businesses move through each stage. This is especially true with small businesses, which face less-complicated issues at the start than medium or large businesses. Basically, if 90% of small businesses face the same challenge, a solution to that challenge can be automated!

How do we also help you save money? Small Business Solver is pay-what-you-can to ensure that it is accessible to every small business owner and at the recommended price of $100/year it is the fraction of the cost of most business advisors.


Two Very Frequently Ask Questions

How was Small Business Solver Developed?


The Small Business Solver team was armed with seminars and workshops for over 500 entrepreneurs, interviews with over 50 business owners, experts, business instructors, and 1000s of books and websites to fully understand what entrepreneurs needed to know. Marketing Solver alone is a combination of 10 years of searching for unique marketing tools. All information has been tested and research & development continues to happen today.


What’s Next?

With our mission of helping small business owners save time and money, in 2019 Small Business Solver relaunched as pay-what-you-can.  We are excited about the traction that we have made so far in working with more non-profits, social enterprises, and small businesses in developing countries. 

Throughout 2019 we will be growing outside of Canada in partnership with new channel partners and we will continue to build out the train-the-trainer material to support business coaching around the world.