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50% Scholarship

If you can afford $50 per year during the current phase of business, please use the coupon code “WeLoveSmallBusiness” to receive 50% off.

100% Scholarship

If you need a full scholarship to Small Business Solver, please use the coupon code “GoMakeADifference”.

As a scholarship recipient, please tell us your story! How has Small Business Solver helped you? What impact has it made? How has your business improved? Please share this with us on Twitter at @businesssolver or on Facebook.

Small Business Owners - $100 / year

Have support through the small business decisions that you need to make throughout the life of your business. From who should be your customer to your marketing strategy to figuring out if you need investors.

If you are a small business owner that wants support 24/7 on business strategy, sales & marketing, business plans, finance, and management best practices, Small Business Solver was made for you!

Small business training helps you building your capacity in specific areas. Where the diagnostic tools help you with specific parts of your business that you want to improve.

Small Business Solver wants to help people help themselves.

The recommended price point is $100 Canadian. This gives you access to over 130 modules that help you through some of your most difficult decisions as a small business owner. By paying the recommended price, we are able to have the pay-what-you-can available for small businesses that are starting up in developing countries as well as the non-profit community.

We recognize that not everyone can financially access the help that they hope for. We offer pay-what-you-can;

– If you can afford $50, please use the coupon code “WeLoveSmallBusiness”.

– If you believe that you need a full scholarship to Small Business Solver, please use the coupon code “GoMakeADifference”.

CAD 100.00

Coach Membership - $500/year

Small Business Centres, incubators, accelerators, and small business coaches can do even more with a Coaching Membership. Not only do you have access to all small business resources, but you have access to;

– Over 100 workshop presentations to be able to deliver a workshop on the fly. This includes the Put In Practice worksheets, a PowerPoint presentation, the mini case studies and additional examples.

– Running an individual coaching session? Have access to over 100 coaching guides with additional questions and key learnings to help clients through that complement the small business modules.

– Interested in group coaching sessions or masterminds? By using the coaching guides & PowerPoints, you are able to create an interactive group coaching session with additional examples, worksheets, and engaging discussion questions that further everyone’s learning.

CAD 500.00