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Lack Of Management Training Is The #1 Reason Why Small Businesses Fail

Do you know what product or service you should be offering? What to name your business? How to build financial projections? Why you need to target a market? Who to have as a partner or hire? When you are ready to start selling? Answering ‘No’ to just one of these questions is a good reason to start learning.

Business Plan Training

The Business Plan training has a business plan and financial templates with video training and Put In Practice worksheets every step of the way. The most important part is that the business plan training starts with who your audience is for the plan. If it is just for yourself, there is a One Page Business Plan and a 13 minute video that helps you get this going quickly.

Small Business Strategy

Strategic small business training walks you through all stages of your business from thinking to closing. Take the entire curriculum or focus on the stage of business that you are at.

Small Business Sales Training

Sales solve problems! Start with the sales basics and work your way through to advanced selling practices. The average small business owner increases their revenue by 30% through this sales training program. Make sure that you have your employees and sales people do this training too!

Small Business Marketing Training

Small business marketing doesn’t have to be confusing. Walk through the training of how to craft your own small business marketing strategy from revenue goals to target markets to your final marketing plan.

Small Business Finance Training

Small business finance can be confusing. Learn the basics, your financial projections, and other financial decisions that will impact you.

Small Business Advice Blog

There are a lot of changes that are happening out there that affect small business, like new business models, new technologies, changes in regulations. These are things that we highlight through webinars rather than the training modules and they are posted on YouTube.