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Increasing Your Profitability

This is one of the most logical and fun webinars you can come to!

You are already in business. Things are picking up. Why not give your business a boost by looking for ways to make it more profitability?!
Isn’t it fun to make more with what you have?  This is increasing your profit.
The learning objectives are;
1. Understand the impact of Costs and Expenses on your Breakeven point.
2. Learn the impact of gross margin and cost mark up methods on your profitability.
3. Build a pricing model to understand the impact of pricing and the affect discounts have on your business
The subject matter expert is Eloise Pasianotto, a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach with 28 years of award winning experience.

Contact the expert!
Eloise Pasianotto, CMA MBA
Call at 289-553-0241

Like the slides?  Improving Your Business’s Profitability.