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Recruitment On A Shoestring

Recruitment for a small business owner is incredibly important to get it right the first time, because you cannot afford to hire someone who doesn’t fit in or who doesn’t add value relatively quickly.  A second challenge is that a small business owner doesn’t have the budget to get 100s of applicants.  Without the right recruitment strategy, they might not get any applicants or none of the right ones.


As recruitment is so critical for a small business, this video is important in outlining how to do it correct…on a shoe string.

4 Conversations Of A Leader

Building rapport and having great conversations with customers, suppliers, employees, and everyone else you do business with is critical for sustainable growth. Plus better conversations can help build your referral base and your external sales force, a great thing to have as a small business.


Learn how to have better conversations for small business (and big business) success.


The subject matter expert is Stuart Knight, of

Build A One Page Business Plan That Pops!

A one-page business plan can be great if you are using the business plan more of an action plan for yourself, your partner, and your company. It makes it easy to update, keeps the attention of the reader, and is to the point.

Another way to use a one-page business plan is to use it to generate interest from customers, potential partners/employees, suppliers, and initial interest from financial companies.

The video is a quick overview of the main components of the one-pager & then how to make the one-pager a little bit different (add POP!)

Get Customers To Pay & Collect When They Don’t

Getting cash in the door can help a small business significantly. Not having the cash means that you could be paying interest to someone else. Not having the cash means you might not be able to have as much inventory available to sell or start a marketing campaign when you wanted. So getting cash in the door earlier rather than later can help.

Secondly, what happens if the cash never shows up for a service rendered? We spoke to a paralegal, Allison MacSporran, to get her take on how to avoid this scenario.

Three E Pillars

There are many key pieces of a successful business, but the newest insight I was given fro a successful entrepreneur I would like to share. It is as follows;

“For all ‘improvers’ to keep in mind, the three E pillars of a successful team and business are…

1. Educate – pass on your learning and learn from others. Pass on your learning and experiences to your team members, subordinates, bosses, family and friends alike. Be humble in your learning and learn from others. Life is too short to learn everything ourselves firsthand; learn from others and teach others likewise.

2. Empower – empower your team with the tools and guidance to do exponentially better than you ever can.

3. Entrust – entrust in your team to do better than they know how.

Hope these three pillars serve you as well as it have served me in developing successful ventures.