Small Business Software


With SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) the traditional method of buying software and future updates is gone.  Most service providers are offering monthly fees which incorporates any updates and are transferable when you switch machines.  Plus, as a start up this increases scalability while decreasing the initial start up costs.


Microsoft 0365


 If you use Microsoft software including Office, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel extensively, Microsoft 0365 is a great suite.  


This tool can cost you $6/month as opposed to an upfront cost of  $100s depending on the functionality that you are looking for.


Plus there are added features including Sharepoint which allows you to share documents with others in a knowledge management platform. And Lync which allows for web conferencing, chat, and webinars.


Google Apps

Google Apps is great for businesses that are just starting out and don’t overly use Microsoft functionality.  It is easier to share with individuals outside of your organization, and the price is free until you request additional functionality at $6/month.


Functionality includes Google Drive, Google Sites, Gmail, Google Calendar, Blogger, YouTube, and many others that are under development.