Small business centers need up-to-date resources, new ways to teach, quick & easy tools, and visibility of what clients are doing.



Increased Value To Your Network


All of your clients are able to get more access to more information when they need it. For example, a client may call you asking about a marketing initiative they are thinking of doing. By leveraging Marketing Solver, you can provide them with 20+ alternative ideas and provide them with a 2-page cheat sheet on how best to execute. Alternatively, you could have had a client meeting where you discuss the best business model for them to use, but you ran out of time to discuss who the best target market is. The client can do this step on their home that night, ensuring that their business is always moving forward.



Increase Your Scale


Being able to do more with less is critical to any organization. By getting clients to leverage self-help tools, you are able to spend time on more difficult concepts or discussing intricate challenges rather than the basics. Face-to-face meetings become more focused on reviewing concepts, making the theory more applicable, and addressing specific



Consistent Service Delivery


With many organizations having multiple locations or multiple advisors, having coaching and information delivery consistent ensures that all clients are getting great service. Updates are centralized, training and professional development is easy, and the entire team uses the same language. With group purchases, workshop and seminar delivery is also consistent through instructor guides and presentation sets.



Visibility & Reporting


Helping small business owners is easier when you can monitor activity levels. The dates that your client registered, last visited, and how often they have visited Small Business Solver is recorded and visibility access is provided.





Your brand is always there! All of your clients see your logo and name on their account page every time they log in.





Group pricing is available, making it even more affordable.