Thinking Stage

Is There a Need?

The Outcome: An assessment of what your customer needs to help them decide whether they’ll buy from you.

What’s the Right Business Model?

The Outcome: A decision on what business model will best meet your needs.

Competitive Analysis

The Outcome: A clear picture of what you’re up against.

Who Is Your Target Market?

The Outcome: The ability to “see” your target customer walking down the street & fully understand them.

Competitive Edge

The Outcome: Insight into what makes your offering different & better than your competition’s.

Choosing Revenue Streams

The Outcome: A decision about how much time and resources you’ll put into each of your revenue streams, based on how much they generate relative to each other.

Creating Your Vision

The Outcome: A motivation vision that you can communicate to everyone.

Creating a Business Name

The Outcome: A business name that works and helps you move forward with more important things.

Networking for a Difference

The Outcome: A strategic networking plan that saves you time and helps you make more money.

Getting a Mentor

The Outcome: A mentor that’s a good fit for you and your business. Mentors, on average, increase a small business’ success by 80%!

Getting the Most out of a Mentor

The Outcome: A plan to implement best practices for working with a mentor to ensure that the experience is as positive and mutually beneficial for both of you as possible.