Our Mission


At Small Business Solver, our mission is to save you as a business owner time and money –two of your most precious resources— thereby increasing your business’s chance at success.





Entrepreneurs are the driving force of innovation in the business landscape, and helping their small businesses succeed will help everyone in the long





Most businesses face the same challenges and there are standard business models that can help these businesses move through to the next stage. This is especially true with small businesses, which face less-complicated issues at the start than medium or large businesses. Basically, if 90% of small businesses face the same challenge, a solution to that challenge can be automated!





Carla Langhorst

President & CEO (co-founder)


Carla saw that small business owners were often great at what they do, but do not always understand business concepts. Creating a customizable elearning tool ensured that this need was met in a timely and cost effective manner. Her background in corporate as well as entrepreneurial ventures gives her a breadth of knowledge. Her past experience
includes marketing at Coca-Cola Canada, sales at McCain Foods, training and software development at Canadian Pacific Railway, an undergrad at Wilfrid Laurier Business School with an exchange to Australia, and an MBA at the University of British Columbia with an exchange to China. Most recently, she is the Director of Operations at The Nines Consulting Group, a small business sales & marketing company and has written a book entitled “Will It Fly? The
Idea Tester”. She has a passion for continuous learning, teaching at The Ontario Institute, Humber College, and the YMCA Business Development Centre.


Kagan Mustafa

CTO (co-founder)


Kagan has a passion for small business and identified strongly with the need for more easy-to-use small business resources, having seen 100s of small business owners through his work at xod Media. With customized programming and design of both the website and back-end programming. Having studied business at Carleton University and Computer Science at Ryerson Polytechnic, Kagan now specializes in how people use websites, the mediums they use and how people with disabilities use websites. With a love of teaching, Kagan instructs at the Rider Training Institute where he is a senior motorcycle instructor or attend his Kung-Fu class at the Centre for Martial Arts. To learn more about Kagan’s
work, visit xod Media’s website at https://www.xodmedia.com



Two Very Frequently Ask Questions


How was Small Business Solver Developed?


The Small Business Solver team was armed with seminars and workshops for over 500 entrepreneurs, interviews with over 50 business owners, experts, business instructors, and 1000s of books and websites to fully understand what entrepreneurs needed to know. Marketing Solver alone is a combination of 10 years of searching for unique marketing tools. All information has been tested and research & development continues to happen today.



What’s Next?


With our mission of helping small business owners save time and money, we are now tackling solutions to your finance and growth challenges. In 2011, Small Business Solver members will get more marketing tools and access to more small business must-have tools.