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Free Stuff!

A ton of stuff is free here! In fact, if you are just testing if an idea is going to fly, almost everything is free for that.

$40/Month: Small Business Training

If you knew how to become #1 on LinkedIn in 5 minutes, how to close more sales, how to select a target market, how to design a better product, and how to become a better leader, how much would that help you?

More Training = Better Business Decisions

Here’s an idea of some topics to expect!
Strategic planning, business plan creation, vision creation, time management, choosing products / services, selecting a target market, busting assumptions, risk analysis, risk planning, marketing plans, building rapport with your customers, cash flow management, financial projections, 1-page business plan, action planning, closing a customer, overcoming objections, understanding your sales funnel, cold calling, networking, working with investors, how to use LinkedIN, how to use Twitter, and many many more.

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$250/Year: Small Business Training & Deals

This membership pays for itself every single year! Not only do you get all of the training at a discounted annual price, but you get access to small business deals that are designed for you.
Deals: With 65% off of office supplies, 20% off printing supplies, and 40% off Internet, the membership pays for itself (Available in Canada Only)

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Group Memberships

Need to support over 5 small businesses? Contact us directly for custom pricing.

Need More?

If you are a small business centre, business improvement area, school, library consulting firm, service provider or franchise, please learn more of how you can benefit from working with us.