Small Businesses Spend A Lot Of Money To Grow.



But Do They Have To?


Small Business Solver is looking for deals to help you grow faster on a small business budget.


Many options are FREE!


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting software, staying on top of invoices, managing expenses, financial forecasts, year ends, and taxation all need to be handled as a small business. How to keep this affordable?




Business Plan Writing


Business plans are critical to the long term success of a small business.  With time management being an issue for every entrepreneur, it is important to make sure that your time is spent on activities that get your business where you want it to go. So how to get this started?



Financial Services


At some point in time, every growing company has to figure out how to finance their growth. To start this process you need financial projections and a plan of how to approach finance companies be it another partner, credit union, bank, angel, or venture capitalist.



Legal Services


Legal services are necessary in many different stages of building your business. Starting a company, closing a company, transferring ownership, signing leases or contracts, hiring employees, and many other activities all have legal implications. How to manage your risk cost effectively?



Marketing & Branding


Marketing your business sometimes seems time consuming or complex.  And often it takes spending money to make money. Here are some cost effective ways to get started.



Office Space & Business Location


For many small businesses, the cost of office space or a store front is one of the highest monthly expenses.  But with the mantra “Location. Location. Location.”, it is deemed to be worth the cost. There are some ways to work around this!



Supplies & Organization


Office supplies are a fact of business life. Paper, ink, pens, etc., are not hugely expensive individual items, but they can start to add up as your business grows.  Want to put a hold on rising costs, this is an easy place to start.



Sales Consulting


Sales are an essential part of any small business, and often one of the toughest parts to ramp up.  Having the right sales strategy, sales tools, and sales people cna help you fill your sales funnel faster.




Many different types of software are required to help ramp up your business from an operating system to software that increases your efficiency in various areas. Check out these SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) that convert fixed software costs plus upgrades into variable costs.


Start Up Stuff


Starting up?  Here are the basics at FREE or the lowest costs we’ve found.  Seen it lower?  Have something neat for start ups – let us know!!





Telecommunications is the technology that allows you to communicate with your customers. This includes your phone, internet access, VoIP, mobiles, long distance, and all of the strategies in between. Find great solutions that are cost effective.




Websites & Related Services


Websites continue to evolve in terms of what is available and what is needed in order to run a successful business. Learn about some of the cost effective ways to improve and build a website for your business.