Sales 102 – Sales Strategy

Now, learn some sales language – the words to use when speaking with customers. Plus, learn some of the fundamentals of selling, including the basics of buying group dynamics and the mechanics of the sales funnel.

9. Test Your Offering

The Outcome: Reduced risk, as you’ll have a way to test if people will buy your product or use your service. Learn more

10. Features Vs. Benefits

The Outcome: A conversation about things that matter to your customer. Learn more

11. Unique Selling Proposition

The Outcome: A way to differentiate your business from everyone else’s! Learn more

12. 30-Second Pitch

The Outcome: Saying more things that matter to your customer. Learn more

13. Customer Personality Types

The Outcome: The ability to quickly assess how best to communicate with customers. Learn more

14. Selling Inside Your Skin

The Outcome: The ability to leverage your natural strengths and minimize your weaknesses when selling. Learn more

15. The Buying Group

The Outcome: An understanding of all of the players in a sale. Learn more

16. Sales Funnel

The Outcome: Knowing where and how to improve conversion rates. Learn more