Sales 201 – Finding Your Customers

Get out there! Your next step is to create a list of potential customers and generate awareness about your business.

17. Qualifying

The Outcome: The ability to better qualify your customers upfront. Learn more

18. Lead List Generation

The Outcome: Better lead lists for a successful start to your selling process. Learn more

19. Lead Research

The Outcome: The ability to use research to make yourself stand out. Learn more

20. Lead List Testing

The Outcome:  Knowing whether you have a strong lead list. Learn more

21. Generate Awareness

The Outcome: Assurance that as many people as possible know about your business. Learn more

22. Inside Sales

The Outcome: More focus on your customers, making you a better caller. Learn More

23. Drip Marketing

The Outcome: A successful email strategy. Learn more

24. Integrated Marketing Strategy

The Outcome: Increase in customer communication touchpoints. Learn more

25. Social Media Strategy

The Outcome: More effective social media use. Learn more

26. Tradeshows

The Outcome: The best use of your tradeshow appearances. Learn more