Sales 303- Closing Your Customers

Once customers know about you, you must grab their interest and eradicate their reasons not to move forward with you. Then close them!
You also need to know when to walk away.

27. Generate Interest

The Outcome: Many more interested customers! Learn more

28. First Impressions

The Outcome: You leave a good first impression each and every time you meet someone. Learn more

29. Presentations

The Outcome: Powerful presentations! Learn more

30. Networking

The Outcome: You’re prepared to get the most out of every networking event you attend. Learn more

31. Gauging Interest

The Outcome: Increased interest level in your customers! Learn more

32. Control Your Message

The Outcome: Consistently communicating the message you intend to. Learn more

33. Closing

The Outcome: A decision on which closing tactic works best for you. Learn more

34. Reducing Risk

The Outcome: Removal of as much perceived risk as possible from your offering. Learn more

35. Most Common Objections

The Outcome: More “Yes!” answers from the start. Learn more

36. Know When To Walk Away

The Outcome: A set walking away point that protects you and your business. Learn more