Sales 404 – Advanced Sales

More advanced sales tactics to help you ramp up your sales even more.

37. Competition

The Outcome: A plan to deal with competitors when selling. Learn more

38. Sales Cycle

The Outcome: A shorter sales cycle. Learn more

39. Whales Vs. Minnows

The Outcome: The ability to sell well to whales and minnows. Learn more

40. Motivation & Persistence

The Outcome: Momentum and consistency in your sales. Learn more

41. Setting Expectations

The Outcome: Knowing how to set up the right expectations from the beginning of a sale. Learn more

42. Retention

The Outcome: Happy customers that buy again and again. Learn more

43. Former Customers

The Outcome: Customers that come back to buy again after being away! Learn more

44. Referrals

The Outcome: More and better quality referrals. Learn more

45. Channel Partners

The Outcome: A list of high-quality channel partners that want to work with you. Learn more

46. CRM IT Tools

The Outcome: A CRM that meets your business needs, created as soon as possible. Learn more

47. Upselling

The Outcome: A strategy to increase the type of pies you sell. Learn more

48. Mirroring

The Outcome: The ability to identify when mirroring is or is not happening. Learn more

49. Gender Selling

The Outcome: Awareness of how selling to other genders may require  adjustment on our part. Learn more

50. Cultural Selling

The Outcome: Awareness how selling to other cultures may require adjustment on our part. Learn more