Golden Nuggets for the Busy, Full Time, One Person Show


1. Top Free & Close to Free Marketing Tools That Work

Over 20 different marketing tools and ideas to get your business ramped up. All marketing ideas are pretty close to free, making them low risk to try out. Just select the top 3 that you like and move forward!


2. Generating New Leads For Your Business

Closing a sale is one thing, but opening up doors is just important. Here are the basic concepts of opening doors from a selling expert, Adrian Davis.


3. Sales Storytelling

Is 30 second pitch dead? Did it ever really work? For thousands of years people have been telling stories to each other. They are easy to listen to and easy to remember – isn’t this what we are looking for in sales? Learn how to apply this concept to your business.


4. Get Business With LinkedIn (Really!)

Easiest way to be found, known, and recognized as credible in 5 minutes of work. Learn how by a LinkedIn guru, Allan Pollett, makes $10,000s through his LinkedIn profile.


5. Simple Website Best Practices

The Internet world is constantly evolving. Learn from a website programmer the basics of language, layout, SEO, and how to improve your conversion rates online.