Want to be a helping hand and go the extra mile for your franchise network or association members?


Small Business Solver’s easy-to-use support system for small & growing businesses can solve these training and resource challenges. How?



Increased Value To Your Network


As a franchisor, you are always looking for ways to provide more support that makes sense to your franchsiees. As an association, you want to give more and more reasons for your members to continue to stay involved. Small Business Solver is great for entrepreneurs, inventors, and start-ups who need business help. Create a marketing plan in minutes and logically sort through which business idea is feasible. These tools add real value to your network.



Revenue Sharing


As an association or franchise, there is a an opportunity to leverage your buying power. Each participating association member or franchisee benefits from a discount on the annual membership price, while a portion of the revenue is shared with the association or franchisor. This is a win-win for all parties.





Your brand is always there! All of your members or franshisees see your logo and name on their account page every time they log in.