Find Employees


Where Do You Get Started?

There is a ton you need to know about hiring, managing, training, motivating, and terminating employees.





A challenge is getting the word out there.  How do you get people to know that a position exists?  Check out these websites to post your jobs for free:


As a small business, a lot of great potential employees will be hesitant to work for you. How do you get employees interested? Consider a one-page business plan.


Screening & Selection


When weeding through all of the resumes and interviews, it is hard to determine who will actually be the best in the role.  Sometimes who you think will be great, ends up being below your expectations.  What can help remove this uncertainty?  Personality tests are a huge help in understanding who you are hiring.


Nafor – Organizational Management System




Training for your employees is critical for a small business, especially withinn sales as every employee is considered part of your sales team. Use Sales Solver with your whole team.



Leadership is something that you do everyday. Being human and acting human is a great way to have more powerful conversations with your employees, customers, suppliers, and everyone that you interact with.