If you don’t understand financial matters of your business, you are at risk of making a huge financial mistake!


Numbers matter in all aspects of your business from your marketing budget, a new hire, to simply having a meeting with your bank.
Knowledge is power. Start learning how to make better business decisions!

Option 1: Finance Elearning Track ($49/month)

Want the basics sent right to you? Receive the things you need to know now sent right to your email. Each week a new finance concept and Put In Practice worksheet will be sent to you.
Read & use in 10 minutes. Coming in April 2015.

Option 2: Finance Video Learning ($79/month)

Rather see it in action? All finance training is in short 10 minute videos to make learning even easier. Watch how it works, hear examples, and complete the Put In Practice worksheet all at the same time. After a 10 minute video, you are ready to start using what you learn to make better business decisions. Watch & use in 10 minutes. Coming in April 2015.

Option 3: Online Group Coaching ($99/month)

Want interaction with a coach and learn at the same time from other small business owners? Join the Finance Mastermind that runs for 3 months. Ask questions and get answer live, learn from others mistakes and questions, and see how the financial tools work in real life from other people’s stories. With the maximum group size at 20 people, you can get the personal support on your financial concerns.
Build your network & get more support with biweekly mastermind meetings. Coming in April 2015.

Option 4: Get It All! ($129/month)

Finance is just one aspect of your small business. Small business owners do everything from being the marketing manager, to the janitor, to the operations manager, to the bookkeeper, to the CEO.
Small Business Solver runs online coaching and has over 250 online resources to support all aspects of your business. See more…

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