Entrepreneurs, inventors, and start-ups need to make good business decisions, but how do you do this with limited time & money?


Small Business Solver helps with quick and affordable business solutions. How?



Have a Business Challenge or Need To Make a Decision?


Whether it is how to spend your time, creating an action plan for the next 3 months, learning how to cold call, or deciding who to partner with, Small Business Solver has quick & easy-to-use business modules that helps you make these crucial decisions while following business best practices.


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Need To Get More Customers?


Getting customers is the most important part of business. In fact, without customers you don’t have a business. Sales Solver helps to identify your major roadblocks to getting customers and helps you focus on improving the areas that will get you sales fast. There is help with closing, handling objections, networking, getting referrals, building presentations, and 45 other sales challenges


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Need a Strategic Marketing Plan Now?


Quickly sort through 300 different marketing ideas to find out what will work best for your business. If you have no marketing and want to get a ton of customers to find out about you, this tool will show you the 57 marketing tools that will help you move forward. Want to build better customer relationships today? Marketing Solver gives you 130 different ideas on how to do this in a week.


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Have a Million Ideas?


Test them all in 5 minutes or less to see whether the ideas are feasible. Then focus your time and money on the best ones or learn how to tweak your idea to improve its probability of success.


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Don’t Know Where To Start With Your Business Plan?


Write your own business plan using our self directed templates. Any place that you need more help, use Business Solver to ramp up your plan.Sales forecasts, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and income statements are all created after filling in a few simple questions.


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Need Help with Motivation & Figuring Out What To Do Next?


Every week get inspired! Start-Up Solver has weekly topics including strategic planning, short term cash flow, and small business rules.


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