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Why Sell Small Business Solver?

– Association with the prominent small business ecoaching program
– Residual income with ongoing licensing fees from renewals of your customers
– Assistance in landing initial meetings
– Full support through the proposal writing stage
– The ability to speak with organizations that may not ordinarily allow an individual coach or consultant to exclusively work with them
Higher retention rates with all of the various ways to learn

1. Learning the tool

Familiarizing yourself with the content and overall navigation of the Small Business Solver tool.
Find the Coach Sitemap here.
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2. Leveraging the Tool as Small Business Owners/Employees

Why should small business owners use Small Business Solver?
– Need To Get More Customers?
– Not sure what marketing tools to use?
– Have a Business Challenge or Need To Make a Decision?
– Need help to create or read your financial statements?
– Don’t Know Where To Start With Your Business Plan?
Run through all of the Solvers. Understand how this benefits;
– New clients (Planning Solver, Business Solver, and Marketing Solver)
– Existing clients (Sales Solver, Webinars)
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3. Leveraging the Tool as Customers

The target customers that you will be selling to all have different reasons why an ecoaching solution makes sense.

Chambers of Commerce

– Add value to the Chamber’s membership
– Help their members’ business become more successful
– Address specific concerns such as local construction, economic downturns, etc.
– Allow members opportunity to sponsor content
– Allow members opportunity to deliver a webinar topic
– Way to support financial planners, bankers, accountants, lawyers and other businesses that support small business owners by providing access to free webinar content

Government Supported Small Business Centers

– Scalability of your center, increasing your ability to assist all of the local businesses
– Way to support tire kickers
– Consistent delivery to assist with quality
– Professional development for your new hires / interns
– Provide face to face presentations in-house
– Remain up to date on new information through webinar content
The key support tools include;
elearning tracks
– coaching guides
– instructor guides & presentations to provide face to face presentations
– custom development with co-branding options
– usage tracking
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4. Marketing the Toolbox



Everything else to turn Small Business Solver into your own powerful marketing tool. Find the marketing presentation with ideas here: Marketing SBS Presentation
Download the marketing presentation for Boards of Trade, Associations, and Chambers: Chamber Presentation


Basic Small Business Solver (licensing fees)
< 250 user IDs @ $30/user ID >250 <500 user IDs @ $25/user ID >500 user IDs @ $20/user ID
Custom/Co-Branding Development
– $400/topic
– 20% discount when 5 topics purchased
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