Who Is Your Target Market?

Business success lies in knowing your customers’ needs. When you know what people need, you can meet that need! A target market is a specific group of potential customers whose needs you will put time and resources into meeting. Hopefully, they decide to use your product and become satisfied, returning customers.

Once you decide on a target market, other decisions are easier to make:

  1. Communication – Knowing by which method your target market prefers to communicate, the language they speak, their slang, etc., makes communication much more effective.
  2. Location – Once you know where your target market spends the bulk of their time during the day (school, work, etc.), where they would “hang out” (approximately), the regions in which they might live, and other factors that might affect marketing decisions, you’ll know how to more easily find you can find your customer.

You can make your customer happier when you know more about them!

Have a picture of your “ideal customer” – a member of your target market – and a strategy prepared for selling to that person. After all, you may have to do just that!

Topic Objective: To outline the main ways of describing your target market, using behaviours, psychographics and demographics.

Your Outcome: A clear understanding of your customer, so you can walk down the street and “see” them.

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