Standing Up For Yourself

Working for a company provides a  support system through human resources, other colleagues and sometimes unions. But being an entrepreneur is lonely. Running your own business means learning to do many things well,  or you’ll work much harder than necessary.

Standing up for yourself has a few different components to it:

  1. Keeping negative things from happening to you, including avoiding people that will take advantage of you, keeping your business solvent, protecting your ideas, making best use of your time, staying on course, and avoiding scams.
  2. Making sure good things happen to you, including ensuring your benefit from deals and agreements and that you’re happy with what you’re doing and the direction in which things are moving.

You’ve invested a lot of money and time in your business.  You must be sure that what you’re doing is exactly what you want, and be prepared to stand up for yourself and your work.

Topic Objective: Understand where in your business you need to make a stand and how to do so.

Your Outcome: A positive feeling about your decisions and your business.

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