Social Media Strategy

Social media is all the rage! If you’re not using social media to further your business, you’ve already fallen behind.

Social media is any online tool used to connect people to each other. Think of it as online networking. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.  But the online world changes quickly, and you never know what new social media tool with take off in the next week.

Keeping up with social media trends is well worth your while, as effective social media use:

  1. Could give your company a huge advantage in the marketplace.
  2. Help you discover new revenue streams.
  3. Save you time and energy in the long run – since social media technology changes so fast, the further you fall behind, the harder it is to catch up.

This module is ideal for anyone looking for:

  1. An edge against a larger company
  2. A way build a strong relationship with customers for anyone
  3. An increased chance at survival in the new economy.

Topic Objective: Learn how to be strategic about your social media use.

Your Outcome: A plan for effective social media use

Learn More About Developing and Implementing Your Social Media Strategy