Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’ve likely heard of search engine optimization (SEO) before, especially if you hang around computer programmers, web designers or marketing gurus. But what is  SEO, or search engine optimization, exactly?

Search engine optimization (SEO), covers a variety of techniques designed to get a website attention from Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo. The more attention a website gets from search engines, the higher it ranks in search results when potential customers search online for your business, products or services. You want your website to rank higher than your competition’s website so that it people notice it sooner in results.

However, the online environment changes quickly. As larger, more tech-savvy companies compete online, achieving a higher ranking becomes more complicated.

Review this module if you are :

  1. Considering using a website to promote your business
  2. Looking to improve your existing business website
  3. Promoting yourself with a business website and relying heavily on online traffic.

Topic Objective: To understand how to improve your website’s ranking using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques

Your Outcome: Increased traffic to your website from search engines

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