Mighty Marketing Plan

For businesses, marketing and success go hand in hand. Your quality product or service should be marketed properly.  You aren’t marketing properly if your neighbour doesn’t know you have your own business!

Marketing isn’t a one-time deal. You must continuously market your company and products, never forgetting that a marketing plan should  make money for you. Marketing doesn’t have to be throwing money away – that’s a common misconception. In fact, you should always be thinking about your return on investment for every marketing dollar. For every dollar you spend on marketing you should at least match it in profit (not revenue.) Many forget to monitor the return on investment, which could cause a loss if your marketing efforts aren’t successful. Monitor your return on investment for marketing dollars carefully so you spot potential losses sooner rather than later.

Topic Objective: Consolidate all the information required for a solid marketing plan.

Your Outcome: A 3-month marketing plan you can use to launch a business.

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