Likeability is very important! People enjoy doing business with people they know, trust and like. A sense of connection can with the salesperson can literally make the sale! Why? It’s very simple:

All else being equal, customers will chose to do business with you because they like you better than the competition.

While business and buying have some logic to them, an emotional aspect always somewhat influences the outcome.

Likeability involves building personal relationships with your customers. You can build likeability very quickly by showing your customers that you have character. The most successful business people have character, valuing integrity and respecting others. Keep your character on display in your business dealings and you’ll not only always be able to hold your head high, but your business will do better. Add to this the relationship-building power of striving to understand your customers and to help whenever possible, and you will set yourself head-and-shoulders above the crowd.

Relationships are important because in most business dealings, it’s the people that make the difference:

  1. Not leaving a relationship with a customer leaves an opportunity for your competitor to initiate that relationship instead.
  2. Relationships support a longer-lasting business and repeat business. 
  3. Customers like to feel valued and treated well. Who doesn’t?

Review this module if you:

  1. Are having difficulty making your first sale.
  2. Want to increase sales.
  3. Want to learn how to build long-term relationships with clients.

Topic Objective: To learn about the importance of relationships with your customers and how to build them.

Your Outcome: Better relationships with your customers and increased sales.

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