Face-to-Face Selling

Face-to-face selling isn’t always a business selling to customer. Sometimes it’s a business selling to another business!

Business to business (B2B) means any business where the next customer is another business rather than an everyday person (consumer). For example, Teflon sells to clothing manufacturers rather than the customer who purchases the clothing itself. B2B is a huge part of the economy although business to consumer (B2C) is the most well-known type of business.

B2B  marketing strategies are different than those for B2C, as they focus on developing a relationship with another business rather than on trying to generate consumer awareness through advertising.

Use this  module if your business:

  1. Serves a B2B market
  2. Wishes to pump up sales.

Topic Objective: Review the sales funnel and the marketing support  needed for each stage of the funnel

Your Outcome: A sales strategy ready to ramp up sales.

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