Cold Calling

If you dread cold calling, you’re not alone. Plenty of salespeople and entrepreneurs feel the same way. Cold calling can be intimidating and it’s not particularly fun. However, it’s an important part of doing business. Picking up the phone lets potential customers know about you.

“Cold calling” means telephoning someone to whom you’ve never spoken, hoping they’ll let you tell them about your business. Ideally, you hope to create an opportunity. Cold calling is widely used between businesses, which often don’t receive much direct advertising, and is best practice for targeting other businesses.

If the idea of cold calling makes you want to hide under the covers, this model is for you. Becoming comfortable with cold calling helps your business in a variety of tangible ways, including:

  1. Helping you reach beyond your current network of contacts for possible sales
  2. Increasing your customer base
  3. Assisting with business-to-business selling

Topic Objective: To review the key pieces of a cold call and the best practices to follow.

Your Outcome: Great first conversations!

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