Cash Flow Management

Cash is king – especially when it comes to small businesses, which rarely have the credit line or bailout investors lined up to help them when times are rough. Implementing a good cash flow management process means that you’re able to track how much cash is moving in and out of the business. Cash flow management process is as simple as watching your bank account balance, or as complicated as figuring out a 12-month sales projection, but a process needs to to be in place.

Why? The reason is simple: At some point, every business is close to the red line. You need a good understanding of the cash flow situation to make decisions about investments and committments to partners, suppliers, and customers.

Use this module to learn about cash management planning and why it’s important for your business.

Topic Objective: To realize the true importance of cash to a business, including where it goes and where it comes from.

Your Outcome: The ability to forecast potential cash crunches.

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