30-Second Pitch

A 30-second pitch about your business is one of your most effective marketing tools, because it:

  1. Acts as your own personal commercial. It’s your opportunity to tell potential customers about yourself, your business, and ultimately why they should buy from you.
  2. Takes little time to create.
  3. Costs nothing to to produce or use

You must convey some key information in your 30-second pitch,  but you also need to be memorable. A good pitch has to both speak to the listener, and sound natural. You’ll need to rehearse your pitch to get it to sound just right!

You’ll use your 30-second pitch in multiple contexts:

  • At networking events when you meet new contacts: potential partners, suppliers, financiers or customers.
  • In your marketing materials.
  • With friends and family as you tell them what you’re up to, so they can refer business to you!

Use this module if you’re having trouble getting the right message out about your business and if getting that message out improves your chances for increased sales.

Topic Objective: Learn the key components of a 30-second pitch and how assemble them.

Your Outcome: A quick and impactful way to tell people about your business, useful in a variety of contexts.

Learn More About Creating Your 30-Second Pitch

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