Lost customers can be a concern. Looking at your offering delivery can improve this and result in customer retention, referrals, and upselling.

Building Good Customer Relationships

People buy from people they like, plain and simple. If your customer doesn’t like you, they won’t buy. There are some simple things you can do to help make a good impression and build a solid relationship with your customers.

Why This Model? You need to deliver to maintain your relationship.

Time Management

Time management is extremely important for sales people as they have to prioritize their sales prospects, their existing customers, administration, and often the many other things on their plates.

Why This Model? You need to make time to deliver well.

Today’s Customer (Profiling)

Who you are doing business with today is a great indicator of who you should focus on selling to. Critically analyzing what is working today, will help you get more.

Why This Model? Deliver what matters to your existing customers.

Who Should Be Your Customer?

Sometimes who you are selling to is not the right customer for you. Most companies start with the idea that any business is good business, but this is not always true.

Why This Model? Figure out who should be your customer based on what you are the best at delivering.

Test Your Offering

Before you invest too much of your money into a business idea, how can you find out if a consumer will actually buy? Testing your offering is a low risk way to see if your product/service is market ready.

Why This Model? Test the offering that you are going to be delivering.

Know When To Walk Away

There are plenty of fish in the sea. And not every fish will be the right fish for you. There comes a tipping point where too much time, energy, emotion, money, connections, and favours.

Why This Model? Even during delivery you may decide to walk away from a sale.


You need to know details about your suppliers, but you need to learn everything you can about your competitors. Learn how to do this.

Why This Model? Know how your competition delivers differently.

Setting Expectations

The customer has made the decision to move forward, so you have to prove to them that it’s the right decision. They will be judging.

Why This Model? Delivery is the meeting and exceeding of expectations (that is how you build your business)

Retention: The Importance of Delivery

Acquiring a new customer is seven times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. But that isn’t the only reason why retention is important!

Why This Model? Retention comes from delivering.

Former Customers

Former customers already know about your company. Following up with your past customers is a good opportunity for them to consider using you again. Plus, do you know why your customers left you?

Why This Model? Knowing why customers left can improve your delivery.

CRM IT Tools

There are a lot of customer pieces to keep track of? How do you do it? You could start with an Excel spreadsheet, but when dealing with multiple locations and people, a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is sometimes even more important.

Why This Model? Keeping notes on delivery preferences can make future deliveries even better.


If you have many products available to sell to customers, how do you persuade them to try out something different, maybe a more expensive model or an additional complementary product? This is upselling.

Why This Model? There are upselling options during delivery.