Your Marketing Plan

You need a marketing plan. How else will people know that you’re in business and what you have to offer? Your business plan readers also need to see your marketing plan. They’re curious about this vital part of your business strategy!

Module Objective: To better understand target market and sales strategy development

Length: 1-2 pages

Topics to Cover

  1. Getting in front of your customers
  2. Your marketing budget
  3. Your marketing plan of attack 
  4. Sales, marketing, or a combination?

Example: Hair Dresser

People resist making in their hair-styling services, preferring to stay with a stylist they like in a location they like for as long as possible.  The new hair dresser in town faces two significant challenges:

  1. Get new patrons to try the new location. The new hair dresser creates visibility by doing hairstyling demonstrations on stage as part of the entertainment at a local festival. The team brings coupons with salon information on them to distribute. The coupons expire in 90 days. An A-frame sign sits outside the shop to bring in walk-by traffic, and staff members receive coupons for $10 off for the first 90 days after opening. The team makes a special effort to create appealing window displays, changed weekly.   
  2. Get the patrons to remain at the new location by exceeding their expectations. The team strives in everything they do to build good relationships with customers and ensure a high return rate. The store is always clean. Services include a free scalp massage when a customer has their hair washed.  A 10% discount on the next visit when it’s booked at the end of the appointment gives the customer added incentive to return. 

Go through the following modules to develop and implement your own marketing plan. Don’t forget to include it in your business plan! 

Mighty Marketing Plan

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Finding Your First Customer

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