Marketing Plan in Your Business Plan

Module Objective: Target Market & Sales Strategy Development

Length: 1-2 pages

Topics to Cover

– How are you going to get in front of your customers?
– How much are you going to spend to do this?
– What is the plan of attack to do this?
– Is it mostly going to be sales or marketing? Or are you doing a combination?

Example: Hair Dresser

People have long-term relationships with their hair stylists and are often resistant to change once they are comfortable with a particular location. The challenge will be to get new patrons to try the new location and then remain at it by exceeding expectations.
1. Visibility will be created through a local festival where demonstration hairstyling on stage will be part of the entertainment. Coupons with salon information will be provided with a 90-day expiration date. An A frame sign will be outside for walk by traffic and the local residents will receive $10 off coupons for the first 90-days. Will also focus on having appealing and changing window displays.
2. Return rate and relationship building is critical. The store will always be kept clean. The service will include a free scalp massage when hair is washed. Incentives to return with specific timeframes will be provided, such as a 10% discount on the next haircut if the next appointment is booked before leaving.

Mighty Marketing Plan

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Finding Your First Customer

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