Your business plan should show clearly that you are the best person to run your business, and why. However, your plan also should discuss your management team, or the people that you’ve chosen to help you run your business.

Your business plan readers will want to know that you have surrounded yourself with people who will contribute to the long-term success of your business. 

Your Business Plan – the Management Section

When writing about your management team, consider:

  1. Why you chose them
  2. What uniquely qualifies to be on your team
  3. How your team gives your business a competitive advantage   

Module Objective: To realize your full spectrum of human capital and learn how to represent it in the best light in your business plan.


Your Outcome: Proof that you are the best person to be running your business. Learn more…

Board of Advisors / Professionals Contacts

Your Outcome: An action plan for finding a mentor. Remember, if you fail to plan you plan to fail! Learn more…

Industry Contacts

Your Outcome: A list of required strategic relationships and a plan for forming them. What does your business need to succeed and who can help you get it? What’s your plan to talk to them? Learn more…


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