Business Plan Financials

A business plan usually includes a section of business plan financials – basic financial information about your company. We include this because most readers will want to see that information. Go through the modules below to learn about:

  1. The financial information that a good business plan includes and why
  2. How to do the required calculations
  3. How to present the information

Module Objective: Create an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement

Figuring Out Price

Your Outcome: A fully-developed pricing strategy and prices set for your products/services. Learn more…

Break-Even Analysis

Your Outcome: An official business break-even number based on your initial plans. Learn more…

Cash Flow Management

Your Outcome: A forecast of any potential cash crunches. Learn more…

Creating Your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecast

Your Outcome: Completed financial statements and forecasts. Learn more…

Finances are daunting to many people because the math makes them nervous. However, these calculations are basic and important. Knowing what goes into creating business plan financials will not only you help write a good business plan, but let you monitor how your business is doing. You may need this information for a variety of reasons – for example, to meet with investors, or with a financial institution, or even just for your own information.

Knowing your business plan financials and the financial basics behind them is a good thing. Knowledge is power!


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