Business Overview

Your Business Overview provides a “birds-eye” view of your business that will keep you on track with your planning and help you to meet your goals. 

The Business Overview also demonstrates to people reading your plan that you understand your business and your customers, including:

  1. To whom you want to sell

  2. What they care about

  3. Why your business can meet their needs better than your competitors.

Your overview doesn’t necessarily need to be long, but do take the time and write it carefully.  The following modules provide some things to think about as you write.

Is There a Need?

Your Outcome: An understanding of your customer’s priorities and whether your business meets their needs. Learn more…

What’s the Right Business Model?

Your Outcome: A choice about the business model that you’ll use to start your business! Learn more…

Business Description

Your Outcome: A more solid product or service and increased value for your target customer. Learn more…

Target Market

Your Outcome: Clear understanding of your customer. You’ll be able to walk down the street and ‘see’ them. Learn more…


Your Outcome: An understanding of what makes your offering different. Learn more…


Your Outcome: A solid vision that will guide you, as a small business owner, for the next 3 years. Learn more…


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