Business Plan Training

Do you know how to write a business plan that stands out above the rest?

Download the Business Plan Template

Use our template to write an unforgetable business plan, piece by piece. You may have to tweak the final product (especially if the intended reader has a preferred template!), but you’ll have covered the vital components.

The Right Business Plan

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! If writing a business plan feels overwhelming or futile, your plan needs calibrating. Get it right before you write!

Business Overview

The business overview has three purposes:

  1. Tells the reader what the plan is about
  2. Convinces the reader to keep reading
  3. Gets the reader interested in your idea

Use the business overview to catch the reader’s attention!

Market Research

Most business plans have a weak market research section, for one or more of these reasons:

  1. The writer includes thewrong type of information
  2. The writer includes too much of one type of information
  3. No one tests the sale.

Avoid these pitfalls! A good business plan includes thorough market research.


Your great idea alone won’t determine whether your business will fly. The people involved in your business, yourself included, are the driving force behind your success. You must prove that you and your team are the best people to bring your vision to life.


How will people find out about your business? Use the Marketing section to describe your plan for increasing awareness of your business and what you offer.


How will you do this? Do you have all of the pieces of the puzzle in place? In the Operations section, paint a clear picture of what your business is doing as it serves customers, and what it has to do in the background to be able to do so.


Once you have all of the pieces in place, you need to start moving forward. Define specific goals and talk about what you will do to achieve them.


Make better financial decisions by learning how to understand your financial situation. How much cash do you have on hand? What are your financial projections for the future? Use the Financials section of your business plan to talk about your financial situation at the moment and how you intend to grow your business.

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