Social Enterprise Search Engine Optimization

Social enterprises and non-profits need to be worried about their search engine optimization as much as any organization!

Allan Pollett discusses how non-profits and faith organizations can optimize their websites for search engines.

Learn the following:
– what is search engine optimization or SEO? And why is SEO important for social enterprises?
– learn what beginners can do to help with their search engine optimization for social enterprise. Even if you aren’t great at technology you can still do things to boost your rankings!
– understanding how social media impacts SEO and your social enterprise’s ranking. Learn how to be strategic about tying these two pieces of your organization together and why that is important.
– learn what keywords you should be using and how you should be using them with your social enterprise’s online presence
– find out about some of the latest changes that have happened for search engines and how this might impact your social enterprise’s ranking
– figure out how to best the best use of your pictures and videos to boost your social enterprise’s ranking even more

Plus learn about some secrets that the SEO gurus have out there.

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