GoDaddy Getting a custom URL is critical to being found online and for any online marketing. Plus it adds credibility. Godaddy is one of the most popular sites for registering your domain name. The price usually around $10/year. But there are lots of options or things that can change this; 1. Do you have to More Info »

DIY: Register Your Business

Do-It-Yourself: Register Your Business   If you want to set up a sole proprietorship, this is something that you can do in about 5 minutes online.   All you need to do is gather the following information; Business name & number (if there is one) Type of business (sole proprietor, partnership, etc.) Name and SIN More Info »

Business Development Centre

The Business Development Centre is a leader in helping small businesses get started by offering business registration support, incorporation, name searches, tax registration, trademark protection, and copyright protection.

Engineers and business development specialists are matched. A North American city is only unlocked once 50 individuals submit an application. All candidates are screened to ensure high calibre matches. Still in its infancy, this idea is continuing to grow.

Criteria Of A Great Partner
1. Competence: Is your potential partner someone who you know is capable and credible? Are they able to do what they say they can do? So they have the experience and training in order to deliver?
2. Trust: Do you trust your partner? Are they someone who has their goals (financial and otherwise) aligned with your own?