Quextit Media Corp.

    Quextit Media Corp.   Location: Brampton, ON   Contact Information   Contact: Brad Poulos Tel: 905-789-5995 Email: brad@quextit.com   Website: http://quextitmc.com Blog: http://quextitmc.com/category/blog Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuextitMedia LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/quextit-media-corp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuextitMedia   What Do People Say About Quextit Media?   Quextit was instrumental in helping us make our international robotics competition run more efficiently. We More Info »

Vivid Media Communications

Copywriting, design, social media – print and digital! Need the perfect words to sell your product, explain how it works or describe how you’re better than the other guy? Call Cathy at Vivid for professional copy and business writing that’s geared to sell! Whether you want to increase repeat business with an engaging newsletter or grab new clients with exciting web content, punchy sales letters or informative brochures, Vivid can help!

Paul Lalonde

    Paul Lalonde   You know your story, you just need some help getting the words right.   That’s what Paul does best.   The Small Business Package includes;   1 hour consultation 2 hours reviewing and polishing, and 3 hours stylizing the words and getting it right!   Let’s get started!    


GoDaddy Getting a custom URL is critical to being found online and for any online marketing. Plus it adds credibility. Godaddy is one of the most popular sites for registering your domain name. The price usually around $10/year. But there are lots of options or things that can change this; 1. Do you have to More Info »

Google Apps for Small Business

Google Apps for Small Business   Google Apps is great for businesses that are just starting out and don’t overly use Microsoft functionality.   It is easier to share with individuals outside of your organization, and the price is free until you request additional functionality at $5/month.   Some of the tools include: 1. Gmail: More Info »


iStockphoto offers a ton of professional pictures, illustrations and audio clips for business. This can be used for a ton of different uses in your business.

xod Media Group

    xod Media Group   Website design that doesn’t confuse your visitors. It is custom built to;   – Avoid hidden code in the majority of available website templates – Enhance the ability for search engines to find keywords – Meet the goals of the business owner   Find out more about xod Media More Info »

Website Valuation Report

Want to know how much your website is worth? What question this really answers: Based on common ways that investors rate websites, where is your website ranked and where is there room for improvement.