Animoto makes videos out of pictures and video clips. It’s free when videos are under 30 seconds and can look great – quickly. It is a combination of copy, visuals, movement, and audio which can engage the senses of your audience for the short period of time to help you get your message across.

iStockphoto offers a ton of professional pictures, illustrations and audio clips for business. This can be used for a ton of different uses in your business. is an easy way to find subcontractors on almost anything internationally.   Want to have a custom logo for you business? has a ton of graphic designers who would love to have your business. Your logo will be way better than you can believe for only a few More Info »

    Is an easy way to broadcast and tape your web presentations.   This can be used in a few different ways;   1. You can create videos that help build up the interactivity of your website. 2. You can use the meeting rooms to host customer meetings or sales presentations when the audience More Info »


Demonstration tools further your understanding of the consumer mindset and you begin the sales process with new customers.
If you have an online program, there are a few good ways to demonstrate your offering.