Animoto makes videos out of pictures and video clips. It’s free when videos are under 30 seconds and can look great – quickly. It is a combination of copy, visuals, movement, and audio which can engage the senses of your audience for the short period of time to help you get your message across. is email marketing company that helps small business owners stay in touch with their clientele. What is great about it?
1. Integration into both Facebook and Twitter. However it has limited integration into the other social media options out there. To overcome this, you would need to synch your other social media tools

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a leader in email marketing for small businesses. Over the years, they have added functionality and new services.
1. Email Marketing. They have hundreds of templates to choose from with easy drag and drop functionality to customize your look and feel. You can easily copy emails, save

iStockphoto offers a ton of professional pictures, illustrations and audio clips for business. This can be used for a ton of different uses in your business.