Small Business Coach – Curtis Harren

I work with business owners, executives and leaders to provide perspective, a renewed sense of purpose, a system for accountability and to bring the word FUN back into the fundamentals of business.

Calgary Small Business Coach – Ken DeWyn

With over 25 years of experience in private business – especially start-up and transitioning companies – including a decade of not-for-profit leadership, Ken is focused on unleashing and encouraging the power of the individual to envision, plan, implement, and grow their business or service.

Oakville Small Business Coach – Patrick McKeen

Patrick McKeen is a seasoned professional with a wide range of business experience at the profit and loss level. More than 25 years experience guiding individuals and teams. A proven business builder. A coach who has inspired individuals and businesses to exceed their goals.

Calgary Small Business Coach – Kelly Laverty

I have a passion for working with business owners and leaders that want to achieve everything that they so aptly deserve from their business. As a FocalPoint Business Coach my goal is to assist my clients with implementing meaningful change in the performance of their organization.

Edmonton Small Business Coach – Mark Lindsay

I am a broker in Business Excellence. Clients benefit from my passions of People Development and Problem Solving in order to Create, Sustain and Grow Business Excellence. We work together build systems and processes for effective time control, productive teams, optimal cash flow, best in class customer service, and long-term strategy.

Kitchener-Waterloo Small Business Coach – Gary Brown

Not getting the right answers? Often it’s the questions.I am a question asker. I am passionate about life long learning and what we can achieve if we are open to new possibilities.Together we work towards making the business owners’ future state bigger than their present state.

Toronto Small Business Coach – Eloise Pasianotto

What makes Eloise different? Her passion for small business, her understanding of where you are coming from, and her great mix of strategy, sales and financial experience.

What do clients say about Eloise? “Your Insight and approach are right on the money and I am really looking forward to digging into the sales strategies part of our business with you.”