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Business Development Centre


The Business Development Centre is a leader in helping small businesses get started by offering business registration support, incorporation, name searches, tax registration, trademark protection, and copyright protection.

There is a wide range of pricing allowing an entrepreneur to set up their business with support or have it done completely for them.


Business Registration

Get your business registered and up in running quickly.
Name Search

Start off on the right foot. Make sure that you have a great business name that is yours. This is required prior to incorporating and is a best practice when starting a business.

For many businesses it makes sense to incorporate to protect the owners from liability, to add or remove shareholders easily, to hold your retained earnings and reinvestment, and many other reasons that you should discuss with an accountant or financial planner prior to incorporating.
Tax account registration: HST, Payroll, Import/Export, WSIB

Tax registration is mandatory for businesses making over $30,000 in Canada, however there may be reasons to do this sooner rather than later such as your brand image, you may be eligible for a refund, and preparing for the future.


Intellectual Property

Trademark Registration

Protect your brand by ensuring that any of your logos, slogans, or names are protected.
Copyright Registration

Anything written, recorded, or programmed can be copyrighted. This is one of the stronger protection services available on your intellectual property.